New Site Handover: Mixed use scheme commercial and 135 resi units.

The Developer for a large mixed use development, comprising a total of 135 apartments, in Central Manchester approached Zenith Management during the pre-construction stage for assistance in establishing as early as possible the most efficient management strategy for the scheme.

Zenith Management quickly forged a close relationship with both the Developer and Builder. Establishing a working group at an early stage of the developments’ design we were able to provide input to the design team and add value across the project. The working group met regularly, with great success, throughout the design and construction phase right up until the actual handover.

We were able to use our experience to advise on various elements of the scheme including:

  • Staffing provision, refuse management (including recycling), window cleaning access strategies, plant & machinery (lifts/gates etc.) selection and maintenance.
  • Initial service charge budget – by working closely with the Developer we were able to understand in detail the key costs associated with the scheme and develop a robust  initial budget helping the Developer’s’ sales by offering potential buyers a greater degree of cost certainty going forward.
  • Insurance arrangements, including establishing an initial reinstatement valuation to ensure the correct level of insurance cover was in place from day one.

Through early involvement, we were able to use our expertise and knowledge of similar developments to succesfully establish and communicate a Day One management strategy to all parties before the schemes completion. As a result the transition from construction to the management phase was seamless.